Have flexibility to balance home life and work.

It seems that a job which doesn’t require you to travel to an office every day is the ultimate dream. No getting caught in the traffic or behind the red light, and definitely no need to wrap up warm and battle the wind and rain outside your door. You have the flexibility to balance home life and work which for some, is ideal.

Kids, pets and health are some of the main factors why people choose to work from a home-based office, but why are these advantageous and how else can you benefit?

The school run.

Yes, working from home will still require you to get out of bed early on a weekday, especially if you have a family and children. A big part of working from home is the fact that an extra pair of hands is needed, and someone needs to take the kids to school! However, as well as the need, it is also nice to be able to go to your child’s school, instead of relying on a friend, relative, or a member of breakfast club staff to take them to school for you. It can put your mind at rest to know they are safely where they need to be; always a plus and definitely gives you piece of mind!

Walk the dog.

You can often feel cruel when the dog (or any pet for that matter) is left alone all day with no company. Maybe you usually plan for a family member or neighbour to come around in your absence to feed your pet or to take it for a quick walk, but working from home will enable you to have that little bit of company from your furry friend and take care of it yourself.

Plan that party.

Evenings and weekends can be a nightmare to get things done when juggling family life and cleaning the house! Being at home will give you that little bit more time after clocking off to get more things done, whether you’re planning a venue for a birthday party, hiring a photographer for your wedding or even getting the group together for a Christmas gathering, it is doable!

Do the big shop.

These days, it’s so convenient to grab the laptop, go the website of your favourite supermarket and do your weekly shop. What’s even better is the chance to have it delivered to your door at whatever time is convenient for you. Shopping in this way will save you a ton of time at the weekend and will also enable you to spend your time more wisely.

Miss the traffic.

Oh, the joys of just missing that green light and being caught in a standstill on the motorway! This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about working from home, although you may end up feeling sorry for every else who has to drive to work. It’s also better for your carbon footprint by saving money on fuel on your journey.

Keep Warm!

Turn on the heating an hour before you get out of bed and when the time comes for you to arise you will be warm; hurrah! There’s nothing worse than trying to get out of bed on those cold winter nights and working from home is a very cosy way to work.